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Will CBD Gummies Help With Pain?

According to a study done by Harvard University hospitals, there are around 50 million U.S. citizens that are experiencing chronic pain. Chronic pain can have multiple underlying causes which may stem from injury, surgery, or genetics.

Because of the life-interfering experiences of chronic pain, those diagnosed with this are constantly looking for a treatment that will give them pain relief. 

There are also different types of pain that people may experience, this can come from joint pain, muscle pain, or nerve pains. CBD may be able to help with all of these as research continues to improve and expand because of technology. 

Today, as people have become more rightly concerned with their health, they are searching for more items available in the market that can help them with their pain to get them through the day. That's where our CBD gummies come into the picture. Canvast's Lifter CBG + Yerba Maté Gummies or our Shifter Delta-8 + CBD .

This article will help you understand the benefits of CBD gummies for pain, as well as its other benefits such as mental health and sleep disorders. This is for you to make a responsible decision to begin your journey with CBD and understand how it can interact with your body.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies or cannabidiol gummies are candy-like edibles that were derived from the hemp plant. However, while the ingredients come from this species of the hemp plant, CBD gummies do not have the properties that can make an individual feel high.

CBD oil is extracted from these hemp plants or cannabis plants, then included in the ingredients that make up regular gummies. The sweeteners help make the CBD extract easier to consume which would normally have a bitter flavor. The CBD-infused gummies are then sold and purchased by individuals who need its therapeutic properties, which include pain relief.

Researchers that studied the healing properties of the cannabis plant have found that its chemical framework can help individuals experiencing chronic pain. It's because CBD interacts with our body's endocannabinoid receptors that send messages to our body for us to feel such sensations.

To make it easier to consume for adults and even much older individuals, a CBD product is made to be sweet and like candy, hence CBD gummies for pain become readily available to the public in the market.


Are CBD gummies legal?

It is legal in all 50 states to consume CBD gummies. Even states that have not legalized marijuana for medical use, for example, have laws that make it legal to consume CBD products.

CBD has also been legalized to be used as a cancer treatment as studies have found that CBD helps reduce the spread of cancer cells and allows the patient to be treated as soon as possible.

Are CBD gummies safe?

Short answer, yes. Especially when CBD gummies are continuously being researched until today to uncover more of its healing effects. CBD gummies have been available in the market for some time and are used by individuals who have gotten the go-ahead from their medical professionals.

As it is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD gummies are already being recommended by others for individuals seeking temporary relief from their pain, as well as taking advantage of its other properties.

What are the other properties of CBD gummies?

Research is still moving forward as to the many potentials that CBD gummies may possess. Their chemicals are constantly being touched on to discover how their healing properties may help thousands to millions of people in the future.

Right now, these are the known effects that taking CBD gummies may give to consumers, along with pain relief.


One of the prime effects of CBD gummies is their anti-inflammatory properties which makes them great for pain relief. It may be useful for those feeling acute pain.


CBD gummies' anti-oxidative effects may help in reducing the progress of autoimmune diseases. The chemicals within the CBD oil help counteract the effects of oxidative stress for the body to give way to healing accordingly to other medications.


As CBD products can affect the brain as well, they may act as neuroprotective properties for protection against the quick progression of neurological disorders. As CBD will not make an individual feel high, its neuro-effects are more positive than the typical marijuana usage that's been deemed illegal in most countries.

Improves sleep

As mentioned earlier, CBD gummies may help calm the nerves and send messages to the brain through the endocannabinoid receptors for individuals experiencing mental stress. The same goes for sleep, as CBD may assist them in giving them a good night's sleep.


Those experiencing nausea may benefit from chewing CBD-infused gummies. As one of the reported benefits of CBD products is to decrease the need to vomit.


One of the recent discoveries is the effects quality CBD products have on individuals diagnosed with epilepsy. CBD has been approved by health professionals as one of the treatments that can be administered to those experiencing seizures caused by specific kinds of epilepsy.

Improves immunity response

As CBD reacts to our body, they also help in activating our virus-fighting cells to increase our immunity response. Along with the vitamins that are included when creating CBD gummies, these CBD products may help boost your immune system, especially in an era where we have to look after our health more than ever.

High blood pressure

Studies are also currently seeing CBD's effects on the cardiovascular system. It's been researched how consuming CBD gummies may affect the heart positively, regulating and improving the blood flow around the area.

Since it also has a calming effect, CBD gummies may help with the stress that triggers high blood pressure in individuals. The study that was conducted used single-dose CBD in men with high blood pressure, as it showed that these men had lowered after taking CBD oil.

Parkinson's Disease

The nervous system disorder is a progressive disease that impacts the muscle causing involuntary movement, stiffness, or shakiness in a person. The disease worsens over time and it's been years of research to help counter this and aid those suffering from this disease.

It was when researchers decided to study CBD and THC content for this disease that showed hope and promise for how it can lessen the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Withdrawal symptoms

Recent studies have found that CBD may also affect individuals experiencing opioid withdrawal symptoms. As these former drug users are using CBD it lessens their need to want to consume the harmful drugs that impacted their life in the first place.

What is the endocannabinoid system and how does it interact with CBD?

Cannabidiol comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant, a known medicinal plant that grows in different parts of the world. The cannabidiol, when consumed, releases signals into our body that interacts with our endocannabinoid system which is how people can see the positive benefits of these.

A research article published in the National Library of Medicine by Hui-Chen Lu and Ken Mackie describes the endocannabinoid as this, "The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a widespread neuromodulatory system that plays important roles in central nervous system (CNS) development, synaptic plasticity, and the response to endogenous and environmental insults."

To put it rather simply, the endocannabinoid system is like a web of neurotransmitters that sends signal or responses throughout our body that allows us to feel physical sensations like pain.

When we consume CBD, the cannabidiol interacts with our endocannabinoid system, especially the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CBR1) and the cannabinoid receptor 2 (CBR2).

Studies conducted by various hospitals and research facilities focused on how CBD sends signals into these two receptors to give people pain relief after consuming CBD edibles. As the cannabis Sativa plant is already known to be a medicinal herb that gives off therapeutic properties from its extracts, that gave entry for scientists to uncover the other properties that CBD oil may possess.

Types of CBD

If pain has been something that's bothering you for quite some time, then you may be able to benefit from the pain-relieving effects of taking CBD. However, you shouldn't just buy the first CBD products you'll see on the market.

While there are numerous CBD products for sale and more than a dozen CBD markets that can be found online, you should still be careful with your purchase. You need to be aware of the ingredients in the product, especially the amount of CBD injected in the gummies, and the other components used to make the gummies.

Before that, you should know that there are three types of CBD gummies:

Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies

When spectrum is mentioned in relation to CBD, it typically means the cannabidiol extract that varies among the types of CBDs. The extract is the number of cannabidiol compounds that can be found within each of the gummies.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies would contain the most amount of CBD allowed to be consumed by the body. The full-spectrum CBD would tend to pack the most punch as it will contain more content or more cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant.

In most cases, full-spectrum CBD will contain a maximum of 0.3% THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is what makes marijuana psychoactive to give persons the feeling of "being high." 0.3% is the maximum amount that is legal and safe to consume.

Broad-spectrum CBD gummies

In contrast to full-spectrum gummies, broad-spectrum gummies will not contain any THC compound. Its effects won't be as strong or as fast-acting as full-spectrum CBD, however, it's good for those that do not need a lot of CBD load to treat pain.

It's important to remember that when taking any CBD product, you should evaluate the type of pain you're feeling and measure its intensity. If your pain is something that may be unable to let you do your regular tasks, then you may need something as strong as the full-spectrum CBD.

But if your pain is somehow manageable and you need the pain relief to feel more comfortable throughout the day, just consuming broad-spectrum CBD should be fine for your health conditions.

CBD Isolate

Meanwhile, CBD isolate will not contain any other compound found in the marijuana species typically extracted by scientists. Instead, CBD isolate is known as the purest form of CBD with a more focused effect.

Now that you know the types of CBD that you can purchase in the market, you will also need to do the following before adding them to your cart and consuming them.

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How to choose the right CBD gummies for pain relief?

Now that you have an understanding of the type of CBD gummies that you can purchase in the market, there are still important factors that you will need to undergo before buying and consuming them.

Here is a guide before making your purchase if it is the first time you'll be trying CBD gummies for pain.

Consult a health professional

You need to first understand that CBD gummies are not replacement medications for what you have already been prescribed. CBD products are there to help you in your conditions and work best with proper nutrition, body care, and the current medications that you're taking.

So before consuming CBD products for your pain relief, it will be best to first consult a health professional, your local doctor, or wellness professionals to know how much CBD you may be allowed to consume. You should also take note of the effects that CBD edibles may have on the type of medication you're taking.

As you've already noted that there are different types of CBD, visiting your doctor will also help you note if you will need to take full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolates. Remember that before you buy CBD gummies, you need to be sure that this will benefit you in the long run instead of halt your healing process depending on your current pain management.

Read the ingredients

There are varying brands for CBD gummies. While one of the things to note is the types of CBD mentioned earlier, you will also want to read up on the ingredients used in the product. The best CBD gummies would usually contain premium quality ingredients that include natural ingredients or natural products.

Some products may also contain gluten-free ingredients while still making use of CBD extracted from an organic hemp plant, increasing the quality because of the quality hemp.

Read up on the manufacturer and customer reviews

There are more than a dozen of manufacturers of CBD gummies. They have laboratories that have tested its effects as well as grown their medicinal plants to meticulously extract the cannabidiol, as it requires a very timed effort.

Before purchasing your packs of CBD, read up on the marketplace you are buying from. You would want a legit seller of CBD gummies to be sure that its ingredients are natural and possess authentic CBD that doesn't have any dangerous side effects.

The best CBD gummies will only contain quality CBD that has been proven and tested by the laboratories. Their websites should also contain reports that are made available to the public to determine whether their CBD product was effective for them as well.

You will also be able to read whether they house quality hemp and possess THC content in their products, as well as have available types of CBD that may apply to you.

Check the dosage amount

Being meticulous about your purchase is understandable, as the things you consume and affect your body need your careful and responsible decisions. That's why it's important to check the dosage amount of CBD in the pack of CBD gummies that you will be buying.

As you've learned earlier about the different types of CBD, what you'll mostly concern yourself with is the amount of THC content. If you are buying broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate gummies, then you should be aware that the package doesn't indicate any THC content inside.

If your needs warrant full-spectrum gummies, then you will already know that the allowed amount of THC is only 0.3% and nothing more. If you find that there is more THC content in the package, then it may not be safe for you to purchase or consume as more than the 0.3% may become harmful to your body and render you with psychoactive effects.

Remember that consuming products with CBD extract was not meant for leisure as some marijuana products will advertise, as the best CBD gummies are created for health and therapeutic purposes only for individuals suffering from cancer-related pain, muscle pain, joint pain, or nerve pains.

CBD and its effects on different kinds of pain

Pain can stem from different parts of the body that will have varying underlying causes. CBD's benefits will also differ in effect depending on the pain you will use to treat it. It's why it's important to consult a medical professional first before taking in CBD gummies for pain so that you may first know the root causes of this and your treatment will be much better aligned along with taking in CBD gummies.

This will also touch on CBD's effects on chronic pain, as well as other types.

Chronic Pain

If you are feeling pain in a specific area in your body that occurs for several months, then you may be experiencing chronic pain. This type of pain will also vary in intensity, but others have found their chronic pain to interfere with their daily activities leaving them helpless on their beds.

While there are medications for chronic pain such as pain-reliever medications that you can get over the counter, CBD gummies may provide a more natural solution to the problem while also giving you vitamins that can be found in some CBD market ingredients.

It was in a recent study in 2019 found how cannabis plant ingredients can help relieve pain, which includes the use of Sativex, which is equal use of CBD and THC. But it was a study that was done earlier that showed CBD's properties in conditions like sclerosis and other spinal cord-related injuries.

Animal studies, as early as 2015, had also found CBD's effects on joint pain caused by arthritis. The studies determined the proper amounts of THC and CBD content that will make it effective in humans and animals.

More studies are being conducted today. An article published by Medical News Today found that a 2021 study showed how patients had preferred taking CBD for their pain-relieving benefits compared to other types of medications.

Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis symptoms are typically found in much older individuals whose immune systems have weakened. These are individuals who may also have rheumatic diseases that affect their joints causing them sudden pain.

Unfortunately, arthritis will progress as a person ages and it's through medications that the symptoms are lessened. Studies showed CBD to be one of these possible medications that can help people living with arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

While articles have noted that this needs more studies, early research has proven to be positive in clinical and animal trials. A 2018 research for example, as reported by Forbes, showed improving effects on people experiencing arthritis after consuming CBD gummies daily in a controlled amount set by the researchers.

As research continues, scientists are hopeful that CBD gummies may become a continued use for aging individuals that have long been suffering from arthritis or joint pains.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain involves pain surrounding the nerves. The intensity of the pain can render the individual almost unable to do anything for the rest of the day as the nerves are where we may feel the most sensation.

Among the types of neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosis. A 2020 study reported by Forbes showed the effects of CBD oil on those experiencing neuropathic pain. Patients part of the study noted how CBD lessened the sharp pain they feel in their bodies as compared to placebos.

This is due to CBD products interacting with our central nervous system as it sends signals down to the body to lessen the burning, itching, or painful sensations.

Are there side effects to consuming CBD?

CBD gummies, while they have more positive properties than negative ones, will still consist of a few side effects for some users. These side effects, however, are not life-threatening, and it's important to note that even medications have their side effects in some individuals, especially those with allergies to some o the ingredients.

Before taking CBD gummies for pain, you should still be aware of the possible effects that you may feel after consuming them.


Once you have purchased your first pack of CBD gummies, try not to take in large amounts at a time even when you're feeling intense pain in your body. While it is impossible to overdose on CBD, you are still not aware of the effects it may have on your body depending on the amount. Diarrhea is one of the common side effects that people experience when eating CBD gummies. To know if you are likely to get diarrhea, test your body out in small amounts of CBD edibles instead.


Some users, while not all, have reported experiencing fatigue after consuming CBD gummies for pain. If it is your first time having CBD, take the gummies only at a time when you are most in need of its effects or at night. Having a scheduled time to consume CBD may help you with understanding how your body will react to the CBD.

Reaction to medication

As mentioned earlier, it's important to see a medical professional before eating CBD gummies as they will need to note the current medication that you are taking. While high-quality CBD can create positive changes in the body, it is not recommended for those who are taking maintenance medication like blood thinners.

If you are taking maintenance medication, don't dive into the CBD train right away. As you would want to be extra sure that it won't counteract the prescription medications you have already been taking.

How many CBD gummies am I allowed to take?

CBD gummies for pain may look sweet and candy-like, but one should not consume these like candy. While it is impossible for those in CBD products, it can still be an unhealthy amount when consumed in large doses that may lead to more side effects in the body instead of helping in relieving pain.

There is no universal or fixed dosage for CBD products, as each person will react to CBD differently. Some will take around 1-5 CBD gummies a day depending on the intensity of the pain they are feeling.

You may test your reaction to the CBD by checking how long the gummies will take effect in your body and consuming them accordingly. CBD gummies may be sweet, especially as it's made with a little bit of sugar and fruit juice, you shouldn't consume them for leisure. If you have other candies in your bag, be sure to separate your CBD gummies well to avoid any possible mistakes and accidentally consuming more than you should.

How can I store my CBD gummies?

Storage is a vital part of preserving your CBD gummies to maintain their effectiveness. To store your gummies properly, you should make sure that they are in an airtight seal. The seal will prevent too much moisture to enter your gummies.

Be mindful of where you place them as well and try not to leave them out in the open or contact with the sun. As these are still gummies, they can melt. While you can freeze them again to get a form, they will not have the same effectiveness as they once had in their original form.

Try not to leave them in the fridge for too long as well to avoid moisture. If you are unsure of how much you will consume, don't buy a lot of packages and instead just the gummies you will need during your first few months of trying its effects.

Items to remember when eating CBD gummies

As you start beginning your journey with buying and consuming CBD gummies to help you with your pain, there are a few reminders to take in when consuming them. We've noted, that it is impossible to overdose on CBD, however, it's still important to remain responsible for CBD and avoid any harmful effects that will go from relying too much on CBD.

Don't stop your prescribed medications

Though you've purchased high-quality CBD that's made with premium quality, it doesn't mean that it is a replacement medication. When you begin to take CBD gummies and you notice the effect it has on you, it is not safe to assume that it works better than your prescribed medication.

CBD is also not a replacement for vitamins or supplements that you may be required to take because of your conditions. It is still recommended that you take these vitamins, though you will still need to consult with your doctor to be careful to not overdose on certain vitamins like Vitamin C.

CBD shouldn't be your first choice

Pain can sometimes be unbearable, and if you have not consulted a physician about your pain, you may already want a solution that acts immediately. 

Though CBD gummies may be effective, the studies are still ongoing and this should not be your first choice or go-to treatment if you are experiencing persisting pain in your body. Your first choice should still be geared towards certain lifestyle changes while consulting a professional on treatments that you can combine with taking cannabidiol products and other edibles with CBD.

CBD is combined with good lifestyle changes

When we're talking about your health, you should never forget about your lifestyle changes that go well with taking in premium quality CBD.

CBD cannot make everything feel better with a single chew of candy, instead, it will help you make the lifestyle changes that you need in your healing. These lifestyle changes can include sleeping at the appropriate time, eating well, and going out for some exercise.

Remember that no medication is a perfect replacement for lifestyle changes and you should still work towards helping your body feel better and move better. You only get one body, after all, and you need to take care of it well.

CBD is not a food supplement

Another common problem that some users have been doing is treating good CBD gummies as a food supplement. It's not healthy to consume CBD gummies on an empty stomach as this might make the CBD ineffective to your body and cause you more fatigued than normal.

This goes with having a good active lifestyle by eating healthy and on time and consuming your CBD gummies after a meal. Stomach problems can be avoided if you eat CBD gummies after mealtime when you feel full and have taken in the proper nutrients that your body needs to function daily.

If you are on a diet, make sure that the diet involves healthy practices and not ones that let you skip meals for long periods. If you are unsure, you may consult your doctor or a nutritionist to know the best time for you to consume CBD gummies.

Can you make your own CBD gummies?

It is possible to make your own CBD gummies at home. All you will need is to purchase the cannabidiol oil from laboratories that are allowed to sell them to individuals. You will also be able to easily find recipes online to determine how much oil you will need to inject into the gummies.

The ingredients for CBD gummies, after all, are simply making the gummy candy with your favorite juice or flavoring and inserting the oil into them, then preserving them in airtight containers for you to consume whenever you have the need them.

Now that you have a little bit of knowledge on CBD's effects on pain relief, then you will have more confidence in purchasing and consuming them with the knowledge of your doctor. As research continues, there is hope that CBD will become more available to areas that do not have access to it so that it may aid others in the long run.

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