Mary Mamas Featuring Jen Belsky- Recruiter at FlowerHire

Mary Mamas Featuring Jen Belsky- Recruiter at FlowerHire

Caution Statement: Canvast Supply Co. does not encourage illegal activity and would like to remind its readers and listeners that cannabis usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state cannabis laws. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or heard in this article.

Combating the “Weed Mom” Stigma

Q: What does the “weed mom” stigma mean to you and have you experienced it?

A: This is a hard question for me to answer. Because the short answer is no. I moved to Tennessee from Southern California about a year and a half ago. I definitely didn't feel a stigma in California and was told that moving to “The Bible Belt” will be completely different and I was going to get judged and ostracized, but I really haven’t felt that…. Yet. I am completely open with everyone I talk to and have even picked up some smoking buddies since moving here.

Q: Addressing wine mom memes vs. weed mom memes and their normalization - what are your thoughts here?

A: My thoughts are they are both funny and both meant to appeal to their target audience. I don’t judge wine Moms. I have been a “wine Mom” before and just because it wasn’t a beneficial or a positive experience for me, doesn't mean it isn't for someone else. Although I really do try and turn all my wine Mom friends into Weed Mom friends.

Q: Do you smoke in front of your kids?

A: I do not. Maybe I'll pop a gummy around them, but they have no idea.

Q: Do you drink in front of your kids? Do you see a difference in the two?

A: Not often, but they have seen me drink socially. Before I got pregnant with my third child a little over 8 years ago, I drank wine every night. I'm not sure if my older two remember that though. My brain tells me that I shouldn't see a difference in the two, but I do. Drinking is federally legal and more socially acceptable. I don't agree with that, but it's a fact. My goal is to change that though!

Q: Do you feel judged by those in your family or peer circle for using cannabis as a parent?

A: I do not feel judged. I am very passionate about the plant. But my husband and I are also extremely productive people so I hope that it gives those people with any preconceived notions another perspective.  We have four amazing and brilliant children, live in a nice neighborhood, take care of our lawn, work out every day, and work non-stop building our company. We also have an excellent marriage. I think if we didn’t handle our business and family properly, there would be judgment. There are just so many stereotypes out there and “lazy stoner” is one of the biggest ones. But I can attest, because we do place professionals in this industry, that you will not find a harder working group of people out there! So let's break the stigma!

Mindfulness and Momming

Q: How did you find your perfect dosage for canna-momming and what is it?

A: While I do consume every day, I don’t think I consume a lot. When it comes to edibles I tap out at 5 mg because that's really all I need to get the job done. My reason for consuming cannabis is to take the edge off, find the humor and joy in the ordinary, and to sleep well. My goal isn’t to get super high and sit on my couch all day. I want to make sure I can still stay motivated because there's always so much to do. A lot of it is trial and error, but if you're new to cannabis and you want to try it out to see what the hype is, I would recommend to start low and slow. 1 mg of an edible or 1 hit of a joint. If  you decide to go the edible route, try and wait at least 2 hours to see if there are any effects. I would also recommend to stay away from concentrates because they can hit you hard.

Q: What’s your preferred method of consumption?

A: My absolute favorite is a good old J-Bone. I love rolling joints with high-quality  flower and really taking in the experience; how it smells, how it tastes, what flavors and aromas can I detect, etc.  I do love gummies for their convenience though.

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do with your kids?

A: We are a pretty active family and we go on lots of hikes! And we love to travel and with that comes more hiking! You find us outside a lot hanging out by the pool or playing sports around the house.

Q: When during your parenting journey did you learn about cannabis?

A: I didn’t smoke cannabis till I was around 20 and it was something that always agreed with me. My husband and I regularly smoked together, but when I got pregnant with my first two back to back I stopped cold turkey. I turned to wine for a couple of years but when I got pregnant with my third I vowed I would never go back to that life. I was still breastfeeding with my third when I got pregnant with my 4th so I would say that I have really only been using cannabis regularly for about 5 years.

Q: Being a mom can be super stressful. Do you unwind with cannabis? And if so what are some of your favorite self-care practices with cannabis?

A: Yes I absolutely do!!! And I recommend it to all my Mom friends too, lol. When our kids go down to bed, we go outside and I roll a joint. Then we leisurely smoke it and then come inside and usually watch something funny on TV. My go-to is Impractical Jokers because it makes me laugh harder than anything ever has and I call that my therapy. Then I go to bed and get a great night's rest! Sometimes, if it’s been a really bad day I will smoke and take a bath with the lights down and some good reggae music playing. It's absolutely splendid. If I were to compare that to the old days when I would drink two glasses of wine a night it's no contest. I was moodier and more emotional while I was drinking. My sleep would be awful, regularly waking up from the hours of 2-4 am EVERY night, which started a vicious cycle of being tired and stressed and then turning back to the wine. YUCK! No thank you. My routine is much more balanced now. My marriage is significantly better too! It’s more peaceful, easier and fun!

Safety Measures and Responsible Use

Q: What are your stash security measures at home to keep out of kid's hands?

A: We keep it in our safe.

Q: Top 5 Considerations when caring for children?

A: Know your limit. Moderation is key. Ask yourself why you do it? Do you do it because you're trying to mask or dull emotions? Is it benefiting you? Is it adding value? 

I honestly feel like I am much more present when I'm with my children. It's easier for me to put my phone down. It's easier to go into their world with them. It's truly magical if you do it correctly. You just have to know your limit and find that perfect balance.

Having “The Conversation”

Q: Do you talk openly about cannabis in front of your kids?

A: Absolutely I do! My husband and I started a Cannabis recruiting agency called FlowerHire 6 years ago so my children hear the word all the time. It was only a matter of time before they asked what it was. 

Q: How old were your kids when you began discussing it with them?

A: I would say they were around 9 and 10 at the time.

Q: What was your narrative when you did begin discussions?

A: I remember I was going through the Ganjier course at the time and so I started going through some of the lessons with the older two. It was during Covid so I added it to the homeschooling routine, lol. They learned about the botany of the plant, how to grow it, the chemical make-up and most importantly, the uses of it. They know that hemp seeds are one of the world's most perfectly nutritious foods. They know that you can make paper and concrete and plastic and clothing with it. They know that there are chemical compounds that can help people medicinally and they know that there's another chemical compound that can make you high. I also explained that there’s very little research on THC on children's brains and they would benefit from abstaining till they are at legal age while their little brains are still developing.

Q: As your kids get older, how will you handle their curiosity with trying?

A: While I am 100% pro-cannabis, I really want my children to abstain from cannabis and ESPECIALLY alcohol till they are older. I think because I am so open with them and am not afraid to have these conversations they have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the plant. And when they are ready, I will explain great quality vs. subpar quality and why it matters and can make a difference in the overall experience. When you know better, you do better. I hear of a lot of kids going into the gas station and buying God knows what off the shelves and that makes me nervous.  I'm assuming most of these brands have not been third party tested and so you can have mold and microbial and all sorts of crud in your product. I would also be afraid of them taking too much so I want to make sure they are well educated on consumption methods and dosing as well.

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