Mary Mamas Featuring CEO Devin Aracena

Mary Mamas Featuring CEO Devin Aracena

Caution Statement: Canvast Supply Co. does not encourage illegal activity and would like to remind its readers and listeners that cannabis usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state cannabis laws. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or heard in this article.

Combating the “Weed Mom” Stigma

Q: What does the “weed mom” stigma mean to you and have you experienced it?

A: I have only experienced it when in the care of a medical provider. Since I work in the industry, I think it comes with an understanding that I will be partaking in the plant I work with daily. I certainly get a lot of curiosity questions when meeting new people at the playground and sharing what I do for a living. I think the more that brands and thought leaders spend time talking about educational topics around not only the plant but integrative and holistic wellness as a whole — the stigma will continue to melt away. Couple that with parents talking more openly about their plant experiences, like I am here.

Q: Addressing wine mom memes vs. weed mom memes and their normalization - what are your thoughts here?

A: This is one of my favorite conversation openers when meeting a new parent that is curious about cannabis. We know that alcohol, to a degree, has short and long-term negative side effects but continue to consume it, brag about it on social media, and consume it opening in front of children — whereas we all know, they are intensely studying and replicating our every move, emotion and energy. So the question is a powerful one — why are we ok with promoting wine/alcohol consumption in front of our younger family but want to hide our plant wellness consumption that actually promotes whole body wellness and is a different act of self care. Why is one better than the other? In my family cannabis and other plant wellness is not only talked about openly but it is (within reason) practiced openly. I want my kids to grow up knowing that there are tools to tap into for relaxation, focus, energy and alignment should they ever need it that aren't your typical alcohol or pharmacuetical option.

Q: Do you smoke in front of your kids?

A: I do, sparingly and rarely. I have become more of a microdose edible consumer. I do not smoke in other peoples children out of respect to their personal decisions.

Q: Do you drink in front of your kids? Do you see a difference in the two?

A: I do not drink much these days but if and when, I would drink in front them. I do not see a difference between the two except when it comes to smoking, I do think theres a similar level of discretion to not be blowing smoke around children the same way you wouldn’t with cigarettes (can you believe people still smoke those things!)

Q: Do you feel judged by those in your family or peer circle for using cannabis as a parent?

A: I think early on my family questioned my career path in cannabis but have come around to seeing it as normal which has allowed them to accept my use of cannabis as a parent. I would like to also think that my family has seen me grow and blossom as a parent and they understand that my ongoing self care that includes integrating plant wellness has been an integral part of that journey.

Mindfulness and Momming

Q: How did you find your perfect dosage for canna-momming and what is it?

A: A lot of trial and error but always following the “low and slow” method. I love 2mg micro-dose for tuning out my daily noise and tuning into being a more present parent and partner.

Q: What’s your preferred method of consumption?

A: Micro-dose edibles and vape.

Q: What’s your favorite activity to do with your kids?

A: Going on nature walks, to the park, skateboarding or bike rides.

Q: When during your parenting journey did you learn about cannabis?

A: I have been a cannabis ally since before coming a parent. Using CBD topically throughout my pregnancy made me more of a believer in this plant and its ability to support us through all seasons. Using cannabis during pregnancy also helped with my rest and nausea. I then gave cannabis a big break for the first year once baby was here and slowly eased back into integrating it into my routine. Something I realized quickly was I was now more of a micro consumer than in my earlier whole blunt to-myself years.

Q: Being a mom can be super stressful. Do you unwind with cannabis? And if so what are some of your favorite self-care practices with cannabis?

A: I absolutely do. My favorite self-care routine is a combination of micro-dose mushrooms and micro-dose cannabis on a 1 day on 2 days off cycle. 

If you are in my group you know how much I preach about magnesium and hydration too, I am the most stringent with my magnesium and water routine, coupled with a rotating stack of other vitamins and minerals (always based on blood results, never blindly) help me stay and feel balanced. I also battle body soreness with my favorite CBD topical and Epsom baths.

I think it's important to also mention mental health here and the growth mindset I try to approach life with. Two years ago I made a commitment to go to therapy consistently, meaning I didn't just go when I felt down, I went when I felt good too, created a routine around it. I am extremely grateful for the work I have done in this routine and owe a lot of my health to it in particular. Being a mother, lover and leader can leave you completely depleted. These self care routines help me keep my cup full.

Safety Measures and Responsible Use

Q: What are your stash security measures in home to keep out of kids hands?

A: We have a locked box that is in a locked cabinet on the very tippy top shelf. We also talk sternly and opening with our son about it. We are ALWAYS around plant medicines with him. In our home, at our office, at our friends homes and offices. Because of this early on we made the decision to communicate openly with him about it all. He is conscious and will ask before grabbing things when we aren't home. Beyond that he isn't too curious - it's just what mama does for work.

Q: Top 5 Considerations when caring for children?


  1. Always maintain control 
  2. Always keep it out of reach 
  3. Talk about it - its just a plant
  4. Stay hydrated 

Having “The Conversation”

Q: Do you talk openly about cannabis in front of your kids?

A: Yes

Q: How old were your kids when you began discussing it with them?

A: 1 year old

Q: What was your narrative when you did begin discussions?

A: This is what we do for a living. We have dedicated our lives to helping people through plant medicine.

Q: As your kids get older, how will you handle their curousity with trying?

A: When we feel the time is right, we will hold safe space for them to try all plant medicines - if they choose.