Rest Easy and Pass your Drug Test

Rest Easy and Pass your Drug Test

A full night of sleep feels good, sure, but many of us see it as more than that.  Sleep directly correlates to productivity and success the next day.  Sleep is the fuel for nailing your morning meeting.  An early bed time will ensure you are on your game in court the following day.  If you have a warehouse of orders that need to be shipped out, sleep it going to make that happen.

If you are a motivated person who is committed to doing your job well, chances are when you lie in bed at night, thoughts of work are still running through your mind.  This, inevitably, makes it tough to sleep.  If you get into a cycle of sleeplessness, you may find yourself looking for help and turning to sleep aids. If you are skeptical of using pharmaceuticals, this could mean considering CBD.

You’ve heard people talk about the benefits of CBD - one of them being a more sound sleep, but have been nervous to try it.  Why would you jeopardize the very job you are so eager to be rested for by possibly failing a drug test?  And what about getting high?  You may want to sleep, but if you wake up, you want to be alert in order to take care of your children.  Luckily, there is a way around this, and it doesn’t mean cheating the system.  Instead, it is about finding the right CBD for you.

Of the three common varieties of CBD, two are undetectable in a drug screening and this is due to the absence of an ingredient called THC.  (If you can’t stand cliffhangers, scroll down to the graph).

Before we get into the different types of CBD and how THC can make for a positive drug test, lets lay some ground work.

Here are some basics.

First the key words:

Second, the effects:

  • CBD alone does not make users “high”
  • THC may create a feeling of being “high”, depending on the THC content in the product,  and how much of the product is used

    Third, the three kinds of CBD:

    • Full Spectrum (contains THC)
    • Broad Spectrum (does not THC)
    • Isolate (does not THC)

    Fourth, the drug test:

    The bottom line:

    • If you are looking for a good night’s sleep and a negative drug screening, stick with the Broad-Spectrum and Isolate varieties of CBD.

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