From Weights to Wellness: Implementing Cannabis in Fitness Routines

From Weights to Wellness: Implementing Cannabis in Fitness Routines

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Motivation and recovery are paramount in order to get into a good groove with your workouts. Finding inspiration to keep going while feeling good afterwards helps maintain balance to both your fitness routine and general outlook. 

Supplements featuring cannabinoids have been shown to act as a much-needed boost in order to keep the wheels in motion–and at rest afterward to cool down too.


Cannabinoids Pre & Post Workout

Modern research has shown that certain cannabinoids can be responsible for more efficient recovery from a moderate-to-intense workout. These dynamic compounds have also proven to contribute to a greater overall sense of well-being and motivation that can present itself wonderfully at the gym, on the yoga mat, or wherever you choose to work up a sweat. 

Pre Workout Endurance & Motivation

Products like CBD gummies can demonstrate anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects that have the potential to benefit athletes”, according to a recent 2022 study that examined participants through several different exercise experiments. 

Feelings of stress and an inability to focus are reportedly able to be combated by a dose of beneficial cannabinoid-based supplements like CBD gummies. By supposedly being able to push those types of feelings to the wayside, fitness enthusiasts are able to then focus on the workout at-hand, without as much distraction from everyday stressors. Cannabinoid-rich supplements like CBD gummies also have the ability to let muscles relax a bit more and push harder with increased endurance.

How do I use CBG gummies for pain relief? 

Ingesting supplements like CBG gummies shortly before a workout has the potential to prevent as much pain versus without. CBG gummies for pain can also be known to be great for improved digestion as well, so a dose combined with a healthy diet and other cannabinoids like CBD and THC can also potentially go a long way.

What about THC? 

THC (both Delta-8 & Delta-9) supplements, unlike their many other cannabinoid counterparts, feature a psychoactive element that can potentially also act as an energy boost for a workout. 

According to a 2019 Journal of Cannabis Research study, “not only did respondents who used cannabis (THC) before exercise report increased levels of physical activity participation, but doing so increased their enjoyment of exercise and motivation to exercise.”  

So basically, THC alone or combined with any of the above cannabinoids in ingestible products like gummies can potentially maximize the “entourage effect” can also actually have the ability to get you up and moving–along with a healthy smile plastered on your face.

CBG Gummies & CBN Post Workout Recovery

Cannabinoids are also reportedly able to help out with post-workout recovery quite well.  

CBD and THC can both be potentially great for inflammation, neuropathy, and oxidative stress, however the properties of CBG gummies, in particular, reportedly tend to lend themselves to increased post-workout recovery. Products such as CBG gummies are supposedly so efficient in their neuroprotective and neurodegenerative potential that they can even promote regeneration of cells after a workout-related injury. 

Let’s say hypothetically that you went just way too hard during your workout and want a good night’s rest. That's when it’s time to reach for something like delicious CBN gummies to chew-up shortly before bedtime.

CBN is a cannabinoid that, along with the supposed ability to also neuroprotect brain cells, can also potentially promote a more-restful sleep that enables muscles to recuperate much quicker. It’s also been accepted as being side-effect and addiction-free.

Start a Cannabinoid-Specific Supplement Routine 

Having a cannabinoid-specific supplement routine can possibly help with personal fitness goals in many ways by simply providing the potential to inspire, motivate, and soothe before and after each workout session.  

Reputable products like trusted, well-reviewed THC, CBD, or CBG gummies can potentially keep you going longer in the zone–sweating and grinding hard during your exercise session–while also feeling amazing doing so!

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