What Are Hemp Terpenes

What Are Hemp Terpenes

To answer this question accurately, one must first ask, what is a terpene? Terpenes are found everywhere in the world, not just the cannabis plant. 

Keep reading for the full intel on terpenes and their use in the industrial hemp market. 

Terpene Classification

There are several plant and insect classes that produce naturally occurring terpenes. Terpenes parade a range of characteristics, including flavor, aroma, and even medicinal properties. 

Scientists have discovered over 20,000 different terpenes in the world. While there are over 200 known terpenes in hemp, 60 are studied very carefully.

Terpenes and terpenoids are a substantial class of compounds typically grouped together due to their distinctly similar hydrocarbon chain. 

The list of terpenes is exquisite, all stemming from the compound isoprene or more commonly known as isopentane, C₅H₈. 

Organic terpenes are found in the oils of most plants and insects, whereas terpenoids are chemically modified. 

Common Terpenes in the Hemp Industry

Terpenes are extremely common in edible, beauty, household products, and across the hemp industry. 

Limonene, for example, is widely found in varieties like Sour Space Candy and Elektra. Bubba Kush and Special Sauce are varieties with high percentages of α-pinene. 


If you're looking for a more in-depth article on terpene profiles, check out the great article by Blunts.com. 

Mixing Terpenes with Cannabinoids

Mixing terpenes with cannabinoids creates a synergistic effect, allowing the two different compounds to complement each other. This has led companies to add terpenes to just about any hemp product. 

Terpene-infused hemp and terpene hemp oil have become increasingly popular in the industry for generally immediate results. The search for terpenes is never-ending, just like their applications. 

Seemingly daily, scientists and researchers are finding new ways to apply and infuse terpenes in various products. 

Higher terpene percentages not only yield higher total cannabinoid percentage but also provide many medicinal benefits. 

Medicinal Benefits of Terpene-infused Hemp 

Hemp terpenes are an entirely different category and one of interest for experts. The road has been paved though, with studies proving terpenes such as linalool, α-pinene, and terpinolene provide effects ranging from: 

  • Mental stimulation 
  • Anti-anxiety 
  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-inflammatory 

Hemp terpene effects are triggered by the interaction of terpenes with endocannabinoid system receptors, resulting in relaxing or sometimes invigorating sensations. 

Hemp terpenes also provide an “entourage effect” throughout the growing process, which allows the terpenes to work together with cannabinoids, resulting in maximum cannabinoid and flavonoid production. 

Terpenes are synthesized in the secretory cells inside glandular trichomes within the plant and, therefore, can be enhanced naturally with light exposure. 


The next time you enjoy the enlightening smell of fresh-cut grass, get a whiff of grandma’s pie or taste your favorite candy for the 1,000th time, you can thank terpenes for the experience. 

Here at CANVAST Supply Co., we realize the potential benefits of terpenes in hemp and do our best to spread that knowledge with the community. 

With over 70+ years of collective cannabis experience, our team has developed a good sense for desirable terpenes leading to an exceptionally well-curated selection of the finest hemp products in Tennessee.

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