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The Canvast Blog

Posts tagged: Hemp Questions

Is Smoking Hemp Flower Good for You

Hemp flowers are produced by the female plant when it reaches maturity. Hemp flowers are a smokable part of the cannabis plant, also referred to as a flower. CBD stands for Cannabidiol. So, what does this green flower do for us?  When smoking the hemp flower, it allows the CBD...

CBD & Health Claims: FDA Compliance

  If you own a CBD brand you’ve probably been frustrated a time or two with what you’re legally allowed (or rather what you are not allowed) to say about your products.  Maybe it’s true that your product contains therapeutic properties that lead to healing results. The question is though,...

Winter Soil Preparation Tips for Hemp Farmers

The late fall and winter make for a great chance for the outdoor hemp farmer to get ahead on soil preparation for your spring crop. There are many methods for growing hemp outdoors, and each region is going to have its winter challenges and climate factors. That being said, your...

Winter Maintenance Tips for Hemp Farmers

Harvest season for outdoor grown hemp in most of the U.S. is now over, and those without year-round grow facilities will be taking a halt from growing again until spring. The plants are dried, cured, and hopefully sold. This leads to an important question... what are the best ways to...

Bud Rot: Don't Let it Destroy Your Harvest

Bud Rot, also known as gray mold, is a destructive fungus that can turn a whole harvest into a total loss. Considering the severity of gray mold, it will always be a hot topic for growing, drying, and storing your hemp flower. Thankfully, you can prevent gray mold if proper action...

The Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana

Without a general understanding of the Cannabis plant, the categorization of Hemp and Marijuana is impossible. This could lead to unfortunate legal issues and general confusion about the Cannabis industry. Learn the difference, keep yourself on the right side of the law by always staying informed, and know your rights.