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We believe you can elevate any experience with high quality hemp.
Starting in the field to fine finished products.

Majority Female Founded and Operated

A team with unparalleled experience.

At Canvast our sole purpose is the steward the magic of cannabis. We do this through advancing cannabis for safe use and consumption by developing a range of quality products though a transparent supply chain starting with the seed. Cannabis has a vast application in our world today. Canvast Supply Co. is dedicated to elevating this history. We invite you to participate in this hard won American right to enjoy the many benefits of hemp.

Meet The Team

Devin Aracena
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Destiny Young
Chief Visionary Officer and Founder

Christie Tarleton
Chief Marketing Officer and Founder

Will Tarleton
Director of Agriculture and Founder

Pablo Aracena
Director of Operation and Founder

Tim Ozgener
Investor Board Member

Proud Members of