We believe you can elevate any experience with high quality hemp.
Starting in the field to fine finished products.

Majority Female Founded and Operated

A team with unparalleled experience.

Canvast Supply Co.™ offers supply chain solutions for individuals and businesses looking to expand their production value into new and emerging Hemp markets. We are proud to be actively engaged in policy-making, public education and decades of team experience advancing the accessibility and growth of the industry. Our consumer driven production partners focus on the need for qualitative standardization and streamlined productivity, ensuring tried and true operations and success.

Our focus is on supporting diversified Certified Organic and transitional farmers that incorporate regenerative agriculture practices and have the capacity for scalable food-grade compliance with accountability.

Canvast™ has assembled a network of Certified Organic producers and product manufacturers giving us a dynamic model that allows companies and brands to meet the increasing consumer demand for greater transparency.

The infancy of our moderately self-regulated Hemp Industry is prime for collaborative market-share efforts and we are proud to ban together with like minded companies and farmers nationwide. Starting first with our genetics, we offer CERTIFIED ORGANIC seeds and clones, with carefully curated cultivars that have proven to maintain resiliency in the South East and maintain consistent field production.  

We carry the same care and attention into our offering of equipment, supplies, post harvest solutions and farm planning resources for beginning growers to seasoned farmers.  

Meet The Team

Devin Aracena
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Destiny Young
Chief Visionary Officer and Founder

Christie Tarleton
Chief Marketing Officer and Founder

Will Tarleton
Director of Agriculture and Founder

Pablo Aracena
Director of Operation and Founder

Tim Ozgener
Investor Board Member

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