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Meritage (Chardonnay x Cherry Wine) Feminized Hemp Seeds Flower Production

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Great Germination Rate

”First off, the germination rate was great. out of 80 seeds I started one didn’t germinate, and the other 79 popped right up and thrived. They grew uniform, two phenotypes, not very different from each other, and the ones I really fed yielded a lb on average. Good mold resistance, a little here and there late season, but other strains caught a little mildew weeks earlier. Looking forward to seeing what other strains you guys have for this season.“

- Sam Williams, Goose Creek Hemp Company

Impressive Cultivars

“I just finished my second run of orange peel indoors and it will be a strain I grow regularly now. I’ve been very impressed with this strain. It has a great citrus smell and is covered in trichomes. It produces large dense buds and has a great yield. This would be a great option for indoor or outdoor cultivation. It has a very flavorful and smooth smoke when grown for flower. I think it’s my favorite strain that I’ve grown from KLR farms.”

- Patrick Crowden, Crowden Farms

Incredibly Happy with Performance

“The TW117 is a Sativa dominant hybrid and would be great for outdoor grows. It has the ability to get very large with lots of lateral branching and produces large tight buds.  TW117 has a great floral aroma and is a great candidate for smokable flower. I grew this indoors and was incredibly happy with it and I will be growing some outdoors this season and I’m really excited to see how large it gets when allowed to grow unrestricted.”

- Patrick Crowden, Crowden Farms

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