Cannabis Consumption Guide  — Optimizing Dose Stacking

Cannabis Consumption Guide — Optimizing Dose Stacking

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States are transitioning from medical to recreational cannabis, which puts many consumers in an exploding industry's crosshairs.

If you are fascinated by cannabis but don't want to smoke it, edibles and tinctures might be a solution to explore.

But how do you know how much to take?

Some are experimenting with micro-dosing and dose stacking with cannabis.

But what is micro-dosing, and what makes it a great option to get your feet wet with cannabis?

What Is Micro-dosing?

The cannabis and psychedelic community generally throw the word “micro-dosing" around quite a bit, but what does it mean? It refers to consuming a low dose of cannabis to achieve various effects. Ideal micro-dosing products allow you to control your dosages, such as edibles and tinctures.

Various factors influence micro-dosing, including age, weight, and the sex of the patient. Cannabis micro-dosing uses small doses of cannabis and cannabinoids to get the most significant benefit for the least amount of product.

Instead of consuming cannabis all at once, you'll use small daily doses to enjoy the product.

Advantages of Micro-dosing

To satisfy your health and wellness goals surrounding cannabis and CBD, micro-dosing is your best consumption method.

You can microdose all cannabis and hemp derivate products, including Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, CBG, CBN, and CBD.

You can use micro-dosing to avoid getting high, whether you're just trying to improve your sleeping routine or reduce your pain levels.

Another advantage of micro-dosing is the ability to enjoy the effects of your product all day long instead of suffering through a lull between your morning and evening doses.

Microdosing is a great way to get the most from your cannabis product.

Dose Stacking

Dose stacking differs slightly from micro-dosing, although the two work in tandem.

For example, there are various so-called "stackable" products to choose from in our collection. These products use micro-dosages of 1 to 2.5 milligrams of cannabis products.

For new cannabis consumers, this is great news! You probably don't know where to start your journey with cannabis; these stackable products let you ease into it. Check out our Find Your Feel Pack to get started with each of our low-dose gummies.

Once you know how the product affects you, you can add or subtract from your dosage. Most products come with fast-acting effects within 20 minutes of consumption. So, instead of waiting hours to know how the dose affects your body, you can find out quickly.

Essentially, dose stacking puts you in control of your cannabis consumption and how it affects your body.

Where to Start with Microdosing Cannabis?

The key to micro-dosing is how you pace yourself. You start by taking a low dose of your preferred cannabis product once every four to six hours throughout your day.

To do this, you can downsize your serving as you please. However, you can also take products designed for micro-dosing and follow the instructions on the label.

Consumption Methods

You can microdose various cannabis products, including edibles, tinctures, oils, and concentrates. The best products to consume are ones you can monitor and control easily.

For example, we recommend trying oils and tinctures to start your journey into micro-dosing. They allow the greatest control over the amount of THC or CBD you consume.

Edibles work, too but pay close attention to the label to see their THC percentage before consuming. We recommend anything under 10mg of THC, as it’s considered a low dose.

Once you take the product, wait, and notice how your body reacts before adding to your dose. Write down the changes and the dose to determine what's right for you.

Factors Affecting Dosage Potency

  •       Delivery type—edible, smoking, topical
  •       The physical and mental health status of the individual consuming it
  •       When you dose—evening, morning, or during the day
  •       Absorption method, liver, and stomach, respectively

These factors determine the bioavailability of the product.

Micro-dosing Cannabis is Still Under Study

The benefits of cannabis have been studied in-depth, but proper micro-dosing is still somewhat of a mystery.

Still, micro-dosing is changing the lives of people across the country.

If you’d like to try micro-dosing, check our full line of curated cannabinoid blends here

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