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Tips and Tricks on How To Get Your Best Sleep Ever

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Good sleep is integral to your wellbeing —

and without good sleep you experience symptoms that can hinder your day, from brain fog, to bad moods and getting sick easier. We've got a few tricks for how you can get better rest, one step at a time. Sure you've heard these tricks before (most likely from your parents nagging you before bedtime!) but they're important to remember because they play a huge impact on how you catch your zzz's! 


1. No Phones Before Bed

According to the National Sleep Foundation there are several small changes we can make to help boost our sleep. Here's why:

  • Blue-light causes damage to your retinas on top of hindering the production of melatonin within the body.
  • Scrolling through your phone before bed increases alertness. You're more prone to react emotionally to something you may see before bed keeping you tossing and turning.
  • Notifications and buzzes interrupt our deep sleep which affects our REM cycle.


2. Avoid Junk Before Bed

Don't let your sweet tooth get the best of you! Is it bad to eat processed sugar before bed? Studies have shown that there may be correlation between poor sleep and junk food cravings at night. Those who consumed more junk food at night suffered from less sleep and were more likely to continue craving junk food.

It seems to be quite the vicious cycle. Opt for one of these instead of that Snicker's bar on your bedside table!


3. Ditch Caffeine Before Bed

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, caffeine was shown to disrupt sleep when consumed within 6 hours prior to bedtime.

 Instead of that second cup of afternoon coffee, swap for one of our Lifters™ CBG +Yerba Mate Gummies for a boost of calm, clean energy.

Yerba Mate and it's powerful ingredient mateine grants the lift without the quick drop from caffeine.


4. Try Drifters™ Before Bed

Our Drifters™ Gummies help you drift off to paradise (and dreamland) with the synergistic effects of CBN and L-theanine. Our Drifters™ Gummies were created to calm the mind and help you easily drift off to sleep. Beautifully balanced with L-theanine, a beneficial amino acid often derived from mushrooms.

L-theanine is often used to improve anxiety and keep stress at bay.


5. Try Journaling Before Bed

The act of journaling before bed is referred to as 'sleep journaling'. The purpose being to reflect on thoughts and events prior to sleeping so they don't arise throughout night.

In addition, free-writing in stream of thought before bed can be very relaxing, letting all your worries be contained on the page of your journal. Consider this a good excuse to treat yourself to a cute new journal to start off right! 


Practicing even one of these measures every time you head to bed lays a foundation for getting better sleep. We're here to help you become your best self through the benefits of cannabinoids and our team is available to answer your questions in our Chat (see that little bubble on the right?) on which Drifters™ products are right for you. Take a peek at our full line of dream-inducing products — 


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