Which to choose? Smokeables vs. Edibles

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CBD & Health Claims: FDA Compliance

CBD & Health Claims: FDA Compliance

  If you own a CBD brand you’ve probably been frustrated a time or two with what you’re legally allowed (or rather what you are not allowed) to say about your products.  Maybe it’s true that your p...
Winter Soil Preparation Tips for Hemp Farmers
CBD Growing

Winter Soil Preparation Tips for Hemp Farmers

The late fall and winter make for a great chance for the outdoor hemp farmer to get ahead on soil preparation for your spring crop. There are many methods for growing hemp outdoors, and each region...
What Are Rare Cannabinoids?

What Are Rare Cannabinoids? Your Questions Answered!

The human body is a complex system designed for survival. It's responsible for our appetite, sleep, memory, muscle activity, pain response, mood, immune function, and more. A science unfolds, we're...
Growing Hemp

Growing Hemp: How to Identify the Sex of Your Plants

My first year of farming hemp was filled with lots of anxiety about correctly identifying male flowers. I quickly learned that sexing plants are crucial to harvesting premium flower. It will make ...
Premium Hemp Flower Field

Hemp Processing and Post Harvest Solutions

Canvast Supply Co. Provides Hemp Processing & Post Harvesting Solutions for Today's Hemp Producers.