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The Canvast Blog

Posts tagged: Hemp Growing Nashville

Winter Soil Preparation Tips for Hemp Farmers

The late fall and winter make for a great chance for the outdoor hemp farmer to get ahead on soil preparation for your spring crop. There are many methods for growing hemp outdoors, and each region is going to have its winter challenges and climate factors. That being said, your...

Winter Maintenance Tips for Hemp Farmers

Harvest season for outdoor grown hemp in most of the U.S. is now over, and those without year-round grow facilities will be taking a halt from growing again until spring. The plants are dried, cured, and hopefully sold. This leads to an important question... what are the best ways to...

How To Grow Hemp

Industrial Hemp is a dynamic crop that is easy to grow, maintain and harvest. Here is a step-by-step beginners guide on how to grow hemp. Learn More!

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Growing Hemp

From Purdue University's Hemp Program 1. Do you have any crop production experience? This could be any number of crops. As a general rule of thumb, melon and vegetable growers (or other specialty crops, floriculture) seem to be more equipped when it comes to CBD hemp production. Grain and fiber...