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The Canvast Blog

Posts tagged: Growing Hemp

Winter Soil Preparation Tips for Hemp Farmers

The late fall and winter make for a great chance for the outdoor hemp farmer to get ahead on soil preparation for your spring crop. There are many methods for growing hemp outdoors, and each region is going to have its winter challenges and climate factors. That being said, your...

Winter Maintenance Tips for Hemp Farmers

Harvest season for outdoor grown hemp in most of the U.S. is now over, and those without year-round grow facilities will be taking a halt from growing again until spring. The plants are dried, cured, and hopefully sold. This leads to an important question... what are the best ways to...

Growing Hemp: How to Identify the Sex of Your Plants

My first year of farming hemp was filled with lots of anxiety about correctly identifying male flowers. I quickly learned that sexing plants are crucial to harvesting premium flower. It will make a difference when trying to land a buyer or getting the value your hemp crop deserves. Learning how to identify...

What is a Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

Certificates of Analysis are provided by registered laboratories that give a chemical analysis of a substance or product. COA’s are based on standard chemical analysis methods, typically using gas-chromatography and, or High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. These machines are calibrated to detect the presence, absence, or percentage of a chemical compound based...

Sovereign Fields: Boutique Hemp Flower Genetics

Our last hemp season of 2019 really surprised everyone by the emergence of a smokable hemp market. This new market craves bold terpenes and flavors that strike our primary senses. Things such as bud structure, terpene profiles, colors, and flavors become more critical in a smokable hemp flower market than...

How To Grow Hemp

Industrial Hemp is a dynamic crop that is easy to grow, maintain and harvest. Here is a step-by-step beginners guide on how to grow hemp. Learn More!