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The Canvast Blog

Hemp Farming Challenges

There are several challenges with growing hemp compared to other crops. Learn from the Experts at Canvast Supply Co.™.


THC and CBD are both cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, but they’re different in many ways. Read on to learn some things that may influence your next dispensary purchase. 

Hemp Clones vs. Seed and Why is it Important to Choose For Your Scale?

SEEDS OR CLONES?  When debating the so-called pros and cons of various aspects of hemp cultivation it is important to understand that these judgments are highly subjective to the context of each individual grower. For example, an experienced grower who is skilled at sexing hemp plants, (or not easily intimidated...

How To Grow Hemp

Industrial Hemp is a dynamic crop that is easy to grow, maintain and harvest. Here is a step-by-step beginners guide on how to grow hemp. Learn More!

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Growing Hemp

From Purdue University's Hemp Program 1. Do you have any crop production experience? This could be any number of crops. As a general rule of thumb, melon and vegetable growers (or other specialty crops, floriculture) seem to be more equipped when it comes to CBD hemp production. Grain and fiber...

Canvast's Genetic Sourcing and Plant Performance

Our goal is to offer stable genetics direct from breeders, who have focused specifically on developing varieties suited for; market demands, federal and state compliance, vigorous field performance, and analytical based selections.